Webinar - Good Documentation Practices to Support Computer System Validation

Webinar - Good Documentation Practices to Support Computer System Validation
Good Documentation Practices to Support Computer System Validation

Presented by - Carolyn Troiano                                       

Scheduled on - June 05 2018 1:00 pm EDT                       
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 Areas Covered in the Session :

  • Learn the requirements for documenting efforts related to systems governed by FDA
  • Discuss the best practices for documenting computer system validation efforts, including requirements, design, development, testing and operational maintenance procedures
  • Review examples of incorrect, incomplete, or otherwise inappropriate and non-compliant documentation and understand why these are not acceptable
  • Learn how to prepare a procedure that will capture the best practices for FDA compliant documentation
  • Discuss the importance of training as it relates to good documentation practices to ensure FDA compliance
  • Interactive Q&A Session



 Who Will Benefit:

  •   Information Technology Analysts
  •   Information Technology Developers and Testers
  •   QC/QA Managers and Analysts
  •   Analytical Chemists
  •   Compliance and Audit Managers
  •   Laboratory Managers
  •   Automation Analysts
  •   Computer System Validation Specialists
  •   GMP Training Specialists
  •   Business Stakeholders/Subject Matter Experts/Business System/Application Testers
  •   This webinar will also benefit any consultants working in the life sciences industry who are involved in computer system implementation, validation and compliance.



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