Innovation & mHealth in Clinical Trials - conference, 16/18-Jan-2018, Amsterdam

Improve your study execution while reducing costs by integrating of mobile technology into your clinical trials and business strategy.

Address the complexity of clinical trials and the increasing number of collected data at the Innovation & mHealth in Clinical Trials conference (16 - 18 January 2018, Amsterdam).

  •  Managing remote monitoring

     Case study by Zoltan Balia, Abbvie

  •  Data-driven patient recruitment
     By Aldo Schepers, GSK Vaccines

  •  Implementation of eConsent at Janssen
     Case study by David Fauvart, Johnson & Johnson, Belgium

  •  Utilizing new technologies and tools for driving patient centricity in clinical trials
     First-hand experience from GSK, Sanofi, IMI, University Hospital Essen and the
     Hungarian Alliance of Patients' Organizations

  •  Patient engagement is the tool to improve healthcare
     By Ramona Kanters, IMI

For more information, visit the event website.

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